Summer is Right Time to Hire Exterior House Painting Service

nIf you missed the window for spring cleaning, warm weather is here to stay. That means many more opportunities for all those outdoor projects you’ve been meaning to get around to! If you’ve been looking at your home and thinking that it’s time to get it repainted or spruced up with a fresh coat, then many local exterior house painting services are available to take the brushes and rollers out of your hand.

A project of this scope and skill level is best left to professionals. Trust us, the last thing you’re going to want to do after wrapping up is climb up a ladder once again because you missed a spot or the paint job looks a little shoddy when viewed from a distance. That doesn’t mean there aren’t a few places where you can’t lend a hand, but we’ll get to that later. Moreover, truly professional painting companies will offer additional services that enhance their work such as minor wood replacement, stucco or drywall repair and power-washing of the home. With that in mind, we’re here to offer some industry tips and tricks when it comes to house painting during the summer months.

  • Weather the storm: Late afternoon storms are a summer staple in South Jersey where Rainer Painting has been based since 1988. Get an early start and wrap up early to avoid ran washing away the fruits of your labor.
  • Penny-pinchers beware: If you’re leaning toward hiring a company to come out and paint the exterior or interior of your house, don’t skimp on quality products. The professionals you’ve hired are likely to make recommendations on which paints are best suited to your home, the material that’s being painted and the environment. Heed their advice!
  • Consider your surroundings: If you want to lend a hand, start straightening up your yard. Get the patio furniture, the grill, small pools, sprinklers, hoses and any other outdoor attractions out of the way. Your painting crew is likely to lay down blankets or tarps to keep paint from getting places where it shouldn’t. This gesture on your part will be appreciated and cut down on the time the company will have to spend preparing.

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